Become a Supplier

We are always looking for new suppliers- especially those offering innovative products to help our Online Store be the best in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man-band or a multinational; if you want to reach a wider market for your products and services, then we think you will be interested in joining us.

Home Renovation are funding the development of this online marketplace, which aims to tap into the current and growing trend for individuals to be given direct control over purchasing products. The Home Renovation Centre will provide a shopping platform where you can present your products direct to customers. This will enable you to become visible to a far greater "market" of potential customers.

The benefits to you the supplier include

Visible to a wider audience and larger market with free hosting on The Home renovation centre Products can be uploaded in bulk with a simple spreadsheet or they can be added individually There is no shop listing fee to open up your own store within the Home Renovation Centre You can have as many products as you like within your own store with no extra charge Our team offer free technical support via a ticket system to help you make the best of your store You can simply upload an existing google merchant centre feed if you already have one, direct into our system

The platform is set up so you can add your own Meta descriptions for SEO You do not need to relist your products you can add as many as you have in stock You can personalise your stock control of products you have listed as and when Our team will provide social media marketing for ourselves and you, the supplier Only a 5% fee to the home renovation centre on any item you sell

If you want to find out more about becoming a supplier for The Home Renovation Centre, please contact

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